Visit us! Caress yourself in a new kind of nail designand spa.

Phone: 0611 - 580 77 66 7

Who we are:
Service is our first priority.
In our studio the customer is “King“. Our goal is to satisfy every customer.
Every customer is an individual and thats how we treat them.
We are not in a hurry and we take all the time for our customers. 
We keep our price quotes. There are no surprises when you pay. 
The first impression counts:
Feel free to visit our studio and ask any questions. All of ouremployees speak fluent german and some even speak english.
After a consultation you will see, that not only is the studio nice but alsothe knowledge of our technicians is extensive.

The facility:
We created a studio which is bright and friendly. We created together with “LKNails Concept“ a new, individual and modern nail studio. We thoughtthrough every small detail. As an example, we thought about every station easyto clean. We think it is important to keep the studio clean to ensure thehealth and safety of our customers.
The studio is air conditioned for our customer‘s, comfort. There is no smell atall! No chemical fumes or aromas which could be dangerous for your health.

Professional work: 
We take time for each customer. We don‘t work on them like on a assembly line.
It is important to us that our customers feel good. Good work needs time.Please plan for a complete new modeling with French, 1 to 1,5 hours.
We use only name brand and leading producers of nail cosmetics. We work onlytogether with products we have year long experience with.
As our customer you will only be served by trained employees. Employees whichare still training are not allowed to serve customers.
Our employees work on high level and are always up to date on the latesttechniques.
We work only with UV-gel (no powder products). Acrylic and powder-gel have thepositive aspect that they last longer, which can also develop to annegative aspect: People which aren‘t used to a nail extension get often hurtwhen they snag a nail and rip the real nail off.
The UV-gel is often much more gentle to your real nails. After the removal ofthe artificial nail with powder products (i.e. acrylic), you will find amuch thinner and sensitive nail.
To work on a professional level means also to know how to deal with problematiccases.
Cometo us and see the difference